Residents' Association

The Little Brickhill Residents Association is an Association founded to represent Little Brickhill residents and to organise events to bring the villagers together. Our objectives are;

to act as a voice of influence on matters of concern to residents of Little Brickhill, and so safeguard and promote their interests
to organise social events to which all residents of Little Brickhill are most welcome

to use its funds for the good of residents of Little Brickhill

to provide a firm basis to integrate and support the village of Little Brickhill


Periodic social gatherings and parties for the whole village. 

We are always looking for new members to join our committee so please get in touch with the Chair, Tim Wheaton via the Parish Council Clerk on email address if you would like to join our friendly group or come along to a meeting. 

a group of men playing tug of war

Children participating in a sack race.

Children playing hockey in a field

Our regular social activities include:

A yearly Christmas lunch for our senior residents
A yearly children's party for our younger residents
A Family Fun Day every two years
Carol singing around the village to raise funds

To report an issue or if you have a suggestion for this page, please write "Residents Association" in the subject field of your email. Send your email to

Failure to follow this format will result in your correspondence being lost and your concerns not being addressed.